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Blowdry $50
Blowdry with tongs $55
Blowdry with extensions $60
Loyalty pack of 10 blowdries $450
Loyalty pack of 10 blowdries with tongs or extensions $500
Comb-up $15
Up-style from $80-$130
Student blow-dry $45


Student female $110
Student male $50
Child 12 & under $40
Men $70
Woman $150
Cut without blowdry $110


Express treatment $40
Deluxe treatment $70
Keratin treatments from $250
Toner/gloss $40


½ Head Highlights + semi $240
½ Head highlights + tint $230
½ Head highlights $200
¼ Head highlights $150
¾ Head highlights $230
Full Head highlights $250
Scalp bleach $140
Balayage (including toner) $240
Balayage touch up from $125
Semi permanent $110
Tint regrowth $140
Tint & semi $210
Hairline tint $70


Full Head of Russian weave extensions (by consultation)
Full head of Italian/ Brazilian weave extensions (by consultation)
Full head of European tape extensions (by consultation)
Tape extension lift $200
Weave extension lift from $40


Extensions are one of our most popular services and are a fabulous way to bring volume and length to your natural hair. Far from harming your hair, they can also actually be a great way to add colour to your hair without having to expose it to damaging processes.

TYPES | We offer three types of extensions in store: Individual copperbells, weave-in and tape extensions. Each have their own unique benefits so it’s worth doing your research and making an informed decision which will work best for you.

ORIGIN | We use premium Russian and Brazilian imported hair for our extension services, the absolute top quality available.

MAINTENANCE | We recommend booking an appointment every 6-8 weeks to have your extensions lifted. This is absolutely essential to keep them looking fresh and natural.

CARE | We recommend not washing your hair for 3 days after having extensions done. After this period, ensure you regularly brush hair carefully starting from the top to remove tangles, especially before swimming, sleeping or washing your hair.

LIFESPAN | Individual copperbells and weave-ins last around a year while tape extensions are a little less at around 9-12 months. The length of time will ultimately depend on how well they are maintained